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NSL Infratech works closely with the best-in-industry experts in order to formulate every drawing board plan and implement them to perfection. For all ongoing projects, NSL has joined hands with internationally acclaimed firms like HOK, CPG, RSP, Spectral, DLS, FHD, Synergy, Space Konstryst etc to ensure that the best talent and practices available in the industry are utilized to provide quality products.

NSL Infratech lays the foundations for the structures and with the help of an expert in-house project development team, coordinates the proceedings with these associates who come with global experience and proficiency. Be it the research (in order to segment and list out the resource benefits of a particular site), designing the site layout, development of property or short-listing prospective clients/buyers, NSL Infratech achieves it all with a methodical approach and amalgamation of inputs from associates with versatile backgrounds. Every project is empowered by coming together of diverse players, who with their contribution to the value make a project outstanding from every angle. That’s NSL Infratech - where every invention leads to a strategic and productive amalgamation.

“Aspiration leads to discovery, especially for organization like
NSL Infratech that aspires to create a concrete future.”