Made for future generations

Made for future generations

  • Electric Car Charging Points
  • Solid Waste Segregation Centre
  • Organic Waste Processor For Landscape-Manure Usage
  • Use Of Recycled – Treated Water
  • Zero – Water Discharge Policy
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Electric Light Sensors In Common Areas
  • Solar Panels- Water Heating And Landscape Lighting
  • Provision Of Full Height Windows
  • Small Scale Kitchen Garden
  • Water Meters
  • Most Energy Efficient Chillers
  • Lights Equipped With Motion Sensors
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Periodic Waste Elimination Set Up
  • Low Mercury Lamps
  • Zero Discharge Stp.
  • In House Nursery
  • Energy Management Software

Rainwater Harvesting

We follow stringent measures for rainwater collection, treatment and reuse helping in water conservation.

Zero-Water Discharge Policy

We have a strict zero-water discharge policy and all of our discharged water is treated, purified and utilized for several maintenance and cleaning purposes.

Recycled-Treated- water For Landscaping

Our landscaping involves the usage of recycled water which is effectively collected and treated off impurities at our locations.

Small Scale Kitchen Gardens

We provide kitchen garden facilities to select units in a bit to promote sustainable living and an eco-friendly way of life.

Electric Charging Points For All Parking Lots

Our residential and commercial projects provide electric charging points in the parking lots facilitating sustainable growth.

Electric Light Sensors In Common Areas

To avoid unnecessary electricity consumption, we have equipped our residential and commercial buildings with electric light centres in common areas. The lights automatically turn on by sensing movement and save electricity on a large scale.

Solar Lanels For Heating And Lighting

We have installed solar panels across our locations. These solar panels power our water heating and landscape lighting needs.

Generous provision of Full height windows

Well-ventilated and naturally lit spaces are the highlights of our all constructions. The inflow of natural light reduces electricity consumption and provides a soothing environment for occupants.

Walking & Jogging Paths

An active lifestyle is a key aspect of a healthy life. We have created a perfect world full of outdoor amenities encouraging jogging, walking and other exercise activities helping residents stay fit and healthy.